Demo Reels

Mixing Reel 2016



Sound Design Reel 2016




In development:

Cubior – Sound Design

Game Demo downloadable here.


Narrative Shorts

Goat Sucker – Sound Design and Mix (Originally mixed in 5.1 surround. This is the stereo mix-down for internet playback.) Password is goatsucker. Nominee for Best Sound Design at LMU’s Film Outside the Frame 2012.


Sound Design

RIOT Trailer – Sound Design with Eric Wegener


Rotary International End Polio Now PSA – Production Sound, Sound Design, and Mix


Music and Recordings

Monomania and Playing with Fire by The Barefoot Bandits. Tracked and mixed by myself. Monomania was mixed in the box using Waves, Tubetech, and Cytomic plug-ins. Playing with Fire was mixed through a Trident Series 80B into a 2 track Ampex tape machine using parallel compression and outboard gear from UA, Mercury, DBX, Smart, and Empirical Labs.

Currently in Progress: Nautilus Album by The Barefoot Bandits

These tracks are my own compositions. Most are in the style of old school RPGs.